Circus Eruption was founded in 1991 as the first integrated youth circus in the UK.

When we began, there was very little inclusive or participative provision in South Wales, and none that focused on learning new skills as a way of increasing confidence and self-esteem. We have been delivering our core message of integration, inclusion and participation ever since.


We accept young people and volunteers from all walks of life regardless of their race, colour, religion, sexuality and gender.

“Lots of new friends who she sees outside of Circus Eruption. Massive pride in new skills. A broad understanding of disability and strong desire to celebrate diversity!”


Young people who have been labelled as having special needs or disabilities come and take part on an equal footing with other young people from their local area who do not have these labels. This includes students who might be autistic or have behavioural problems or with physical limitations. 

“Circus Eruption has enabled my son to be more self-assured and confident… and more willing to try and participate in social interaction and to try to make the first move and interact, which we have never experienced before.”

Circus skills, Empowerment and confidence

Have you ever learned to juggle or walk on stilts? There’s something so exciting about the challenge of learning a new skill and the sense of achievement! Even if it is in small steps at first, we’ve seen young people’s self-esteem grow! We love seeing those who may not have had their fair share of encouragement or empowerment in the past to get all of that at more.

“Circus has improved my son’s confidence, enabling him to take part in group activities outside of Circus.”

Young people can challenge their fear of failure in a safe, non-competitive environment

Imagine a hall full of young people who can suddenly do things they didn’t imagine possible! Our integrated nature means that young people experience a non-judgmental and accepting environment, where they will be encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards others and respect for diversity. Through the skills they learn and people they meet they are able to actively challenge inequality, disadvantage and discrimination.

“More confidence and helping him with his communication skills.”

Empower young people, they will flourish and make a difference in the world

The learning and sharing of new circus and performance skills helps to empower all participants by increasing their self confidence and self esteem. Likewise, the involvement of all members in decision making and the running of Circus Eruption creates an environment of shared efforts and directed growth.

“It has encouraged her to be a more independent learner.”

So find out more about us and what we believe in and if you share our same ideologies then help support us. We are a charity after all.