Circus Eruption can bring circus skills to your school or college!

Juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, unicycling, acrobalance, stilt walking, building human pyramids... etc...

The potential for circus as part of physical literacy is huge - elements of locomotion, body management and dexterity are all explored. Circus is also good for the mind - learning to juggle builds brain cells and has been shown to improve problem solving, focus and concentration. You get to see your progress and celebrate your success. There are a range of skills and activities that offer opportunities for improving solo work, team work, trust, social skills, physicality and creativity.

All courses are bespoke and adaptable to best suite each group.

We have just finished running a yearlong project with Bridgend College delivering a taster session to up to 600 students across the year to introduce people to a variety of different activities that are available to get people moving in creative and fun ways.

All sessions begin with a physical warm up and team games/activities.

At the end of courses, it is good for people to spotlight their skills or offer workshops to teach their peers.

Get in touch with us to discuss the fees and requirements !